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How much weight Will Pakhook hold?

We were able to bend one at 200lbs (that would be me hanging from it by a strap!)  At 100lbs. they will deflect but not permanently bend.  Pakhook will do the job for about anything reasonable thing you want to hang. 

How durable is Pakhook?

We make these for members of the US Military and for soccer moms and dads. So they hold up to difficult overseas deployments and the more strenuous soccer field back packs.

Do they come in different colors?

Nope, we have black and black.  

Why do they cost $14.99?

We could have made them out of thinner, cheaper materials. But we wanted the highest quality for our packs.  Pakhook is made from 18 gauge powder coated  Stainless Steel.  It is virtually indestructible.  They are fabricated in Bonita Springs FL, USA.  If you want cheap stuff buy it from China and see how long it lasts. Having said all that, we do have sales and promotions from time to time.

Do you have distributors or can I buy them from brick and mortar stores?

We sell them exclusively online from this site.  

Why did you create Packhook?

PakHook was born out of our own need to safely, but tastefully, store and display our packs. After thoroughly researching the web and trying other ways to achieve this, we had no option but to design our own. The result? A product that does what it says, hook your pack!