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PAKHOOK Security  Available in August. Pre-order now!

PAKHOOK Security Available in August. Pre-order now!

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The newest version of PakHook has been inspired and enhanced based on feedback from users around the world, PakHook Security is designed for hotel and commercial settings.  Give guests the upscale PakHook convenience of getting their bags off of the floor while knowing this amenity will be there for the next guest.

The new PakHook is constructed of 18G steel, which offers stable load bearing capabilities while offering a product with an overall slimmer profile.

Additionally, the PakHook design has undergone an Engineering review and structural re-design to eliminate weak points, offer even weight distribution and ensure a center-aligned pull force that will keep hooks straight when hanging. The edges have also been revised and deburred, to avoid marks and protect bags, packs and handbags with leather handles.

All PakHooks are designed, manufactured and packaged in the US, with US materials. We take pride in our product, packs and we are confident you will too!

Features & Benefits:

Lightweight: Allows for convenient display without increasing tension stress on display features.

Textured Finish: Provides a premium feeling to touch, while offering a visually pleasant appearance and preventing unnecessary strap slide.

Simple Design: A no-moving-parts design ensure that PakHook does what it's supposed to do, hang your pack in a convenient and tasteful manner, providing ease of access to your carry, when you need it. Although owners continue to find new uses for PakHook, we designed it to do one thing, and it does it well!



Hole radius: 1.5 in / 32mm

Length: 4.92in / 125mm

Width: 1.5in / 38mm

Max weight: 25lbs

Rest base: 

Depth: 1in / 25mm

Width: 1.5in / 38mm

Front block: 1in / 25mm

Finish: Triple-coat Hand Painted Textured Powder Coat

Marks: Industrial Level Laser Etched Logo

Proudly made in the USA